Wednesday, July 15, 2009

let's be our own reality tv stars

brien o.
how i love thee.
we decided to have a reality show.
i figured out the logistics.
now someone just needs to pick it up and love us.
i mean glam rock, sex appeal, and reality tv.
the american public would drool.

You have 20 - 30 designers in the beginning and they create outfits for the band (or lead singer) in the category of a theme: think extreme and bizarre like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Semi Precious Weapons, etc. The designs are then voted on in categories of wearability (both on and off stage), sex appeal, durability, and others tailored to concert attire. Throughout the season of the show the designers would be coming up with their ideas for the final piece.

The four remaining designers would compete for the position as stylist to the band (or lead singer) to accompany them on tour (possibility for season two: the stressors of being a stylist on tour…not just dealing with coming up with new outfits, but dealing with the drama of the band and surroundings), to dress them for photoshoots, to prepare regular designs for the band complete with accessories, to tailor designs according to the band member’s personalities, etc. The four final outfits would be judged by the band/lead singer wearing the designs on stage in four separate concerts. The design that suits the stage the best, holds up during the show, and is deemed the most bizarre and spectacular by the singer is the winner.

and brien does the hair.
and i keep the outfits.
i make myself laugh.
a girl can dream.