Friday, November 5, 2010

freezepops. fringe. creemcity. shots. pizza.wh

when it comes to friends.
i adore mine.
especially when we wear matching plaid...accidentally.

we trekked up the hill to be in closer proximity to Chop Suey...where Creem City had the show that night.

fun times. in blue suede pumps and a fringe midriff baring top. Goodness....sometimes I question my fashion choices...but then I realize...nope. It's awesome. Joking...a little.

shots at Madison Pub...which for some reason does not roll off my tongue. but madison market does.

Creem city played a show at Chop Suey. Good sound. Good friends. Great oldies.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lemon drop shots. rinse. repeat.

oh jonathan.
this is what happens when we have tooo much lemon-y loved vodka.

I get lovely jonathan to take pictures with me in the ladies' bathroom.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sick. but thinking of sequins.

still curled in the blankets of my bed.
i got up once or twice to make tea (of the licorice variety)
but i'm planning on staying in my pillow fort today.
the sun is peaking in the windows to see if i am alive or awakened.
i don't think i'll let it know which...just yet.

Monday, October 18, 2010

glitter. chaos.

jonathan and I have been brainstorming about outfits for creem city shows.
i'm thinking.
anything shiny.
i like shiny things.


new hair. blue hair.

trying to figure out how i feel about it.
I think i like. It makes me happy - which is what matters.
And it reflects well in these semi-sunny skies.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

dirt nasty. and beardo.

Elyza and I.
Dirt Nasty. Beardo.
and a whole bunch of obnoxious fans.
and a creepy man who tried to walk with Elyza and I to see the troll.
"you don't trust me?"
who trusts a middle-aged drunk stranger to walk with them somewhere??
riddle me that.
singing Chicago in the middle of the streets of Fremont.
can that happen every Monday night?
it was monday, wasn't it?

last couple days

It has been a tumultuous last few days.
The grief over losing my horse to a cancerous balanced by Creem City shows and the support of my band and friends.
Evan and Elyza have been especially lovely during this time.

My band Creem City played a show in Everett on Friday @ Tony V's. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stick around, as I had to rush straight to the barn and say goodbye. My outfit was pretty epic though:
So the last few days have consisted of the fair, dum dum suckers with elyza, Creem City-ness, and a bit of crying in the rain.
Le sigh.