Thursday, January 22, 2009

some people

touch your heart.
and your soul.
and mold your life into a beautiful sculpture of love and hope.
i have been lucky to find those people.
who are always there for me.
who i know won't leave my side.
they are my inspirations and my brilliance.

the fact that their smiles can light up a room and my mind.
is a rare thing.
i love them for their faults, for their slight imperfections, and for their perfect hearts.

it hurts to drive away from them, but i know that the road always leads back.
that they are my compass.
and for this i am eternally grateful, and internally as well.
love is not something to take lightly.
and it's not something that comes easily.
but it is precious.

so let's continue this ride.
i'm not getting off anytime soon.
and my detours always end up leading me home.

the mode of transportation doesn't even matter

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tis a long road

until you find comfort.
and where you belong.
vs. where you want to be.
maybe we're all still figuring that out.
maybe we're all continually ignoring it.
so live life the way it feels good.
in a way it doesn't hurt others.
and in a way that you can wake up every morning and be happy with who you are and who you are to others.

different images reflect different things to everyone.
these represent comfort to me.
not necessarily a blind comfort.
just one of loyalties and importance.
of solidarity.
the fact that where my foot falls.
theirs will be right there beside mine.
whether we are in spot 8 - or the undesirable spot 9.
whether i am miles away
hours away
minutes away
or what sometimes feels like a lifetime.
and for this i am glad and grateful.