Friday, June 5, 2009

summer plannnsss

so I was supposed to be out on Warped this summer.
and decided that...
I need to be here in Washington to play out these acoustic shows with my band, Creem City.
And continue to work on building that and such.

So that being said - come out to the shows and say hello.
We'll also be in Cali at the end of this month.
It will be nice to be home.
to get some not-so-fresh air
and taste the rock n roll
it's time to sweat a little bit
not that the hot weather doesn't aid in such happenings
i was talking about the sweat of the dancefloor variety
june 26th will be spend in ocean beach in sd
the 27th will be a day of choas
the 28th will be at the viper room...sleaze night
the 29th will be in orange county at the slidebar.
basically you need to be there
and you need to be screaming
i might be
i need to feel the glitter in the air
and the stars below my feet
that common knowledge that i am home
and that the geographically location where i happen to be is familiar.
hello california.