Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kittitas, washington

pronounced by the man with no teeth as kittyass washington.


so glad to be back in seattle.

drove through the pass in the snow. windshield wiper stopped working.

ran out of gas.

but the show was great.

let's discuss that breathe carolina are amazing.

but we know that.

strobe lights and club live show.

can you say anything negative about that?
interviewed anarbor yesterday.

was so glad to touch down on solid groun.
but it felt good to just drive for a few hours.

even if they were stressful.

it'll be funny in twenty four hours.

heck, maybe it's funny now.

ask me later.

le sigh.

certainly not complaining.

life is made up of restless nights and humorously chaotic experiences.

and i embrace them all.

surprise me.