Saturday, January 17, 2009

the aftermath of a friday

ha. yeah.

last night was indeed lovely.

rachel and i headed to the ringers show at the troub.

where sometimes - surprises are had.

tyler met up with us at the burgundy room.

which was much louder than normal.


and the crowd...randoms!
kels and darling jonathan met up with us at the corner.

and then mels was consumed.

with awkward man waiter.


but can you think of a better way to spend my friday?

me neith.

today i get to see steph!
and then am interviewing authority zero at the roxy.

see you there perhaps. or you'll read about it later.

it's odd. for a not so much root kind of person.
la is home. whether i care to admit it or not. ;)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

well hello there home

how i have missed you.

your dirty streets.
your piss-scented alleyways.
your smoggy skies.

and the lovely friends.

that's really what's important.
but flying in last night and seeing that LA skyline.
that was a lovely thing.
with the moon half-hung over the city of hopefuls.

the girls and i went dancing.
quite the welcome to have everyone hanging around and waiting for me. :)

now i shall have my webshow with sugarhooker - war stories is our guest.
you can watch that here - today at 5pm pst. :)

Express Yourself LIVE

talk soon